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1960 GMC 1000 Fenderside Long Bed 2WD

1960 GMC Truck Advertising Illustration Artwork

This page features a correctly restored 1960 GMC 1000 pickup truck. With few exceptions, I have attempted to re-create the truck as it would have come off the General Motors assembly line at Pontiac, Michigan in late 1959 or 1960.

There are a few items that are not stock or have been upgraded including a spin-on oil filter housing, HEI ignition upgrade and aftermarket air conditioning. I have upgraded the grill, bumpers, windshield molding, door and cab molding to the "custom" chrome trim. 

Southern Pacific Railroad Trainload of Trucks Photo
Southern Pacific Trainload of Trucks

             I was hatched in 1960 and worked for a Buick GMC Pontiac dealership for over 17 years. I had this truck restored to original as opposed to a restoration-modification or "restomod hot rod." I believe someone needs to maintain a correct example of the truck as it was originally built.

GMC truck totally redesigned their pickups for the 1960 model year from the frame to the power train to the sheet metal. This was the first year of the monster Big Block V6 motor only available in a GMC truck. It features a one barrel Holley 1904 carburetor and column shift three speed manual transmission or "three on the tree." The 1960-1966 models years were the last run of trucks General Motors produced that were different from Chevrolet.

SEMA Driving Force Feature June 2009
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Old Cars Weekly Article, September 24, 2009
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My truck odyssey began when I found this 1960 GMC 1000 on eBay quite by accident. I ended up buying the truck about two months later over the phone. After working for a GMC dealership for over 17 years and falling in love with cars and trucks as a kid, I'd decided I wanted a GMC truck from the year I was born.

Against the wise advice of others, I got an airline flight back to Neptune, New Jersey to pick-up this 1960 GMC and drove my "new" truck across country back to Las Vegas, NV. Subsequent to discussions with dealership management upon my return, it was decided to restore the truck much sooner than I expected. From the time I discovered the truck to finishing restoration, the National 6066 GMC Truck Club, Founder/President Jolly Goodfellow and the great membership contributed everything I know about these great trucks. Please enjoy the photos and captioned slide shows.

My truck with previous employers advertising "old style."

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