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My Wish List

Stuff I'd like to buy that's not cheap!


Both factory AM radio's in my 1960 GMC Truck and 1965 Buick Special Wagon need updating. The truck radio rheostat volume control hardly works and the Buick's radio amplifier is blown. I came across S/M Electro - Tech, Inc. a company that can gut my old tube radios and install modern day electronics without altering the original look or functions. I purchased a 10ohm speaker from S/M Electro - Tech for my truck and it works great, when the radio rheostat works! Now I want to get both radios upgraded to work reliably all the time and have AM/FM capability too. Then I will tie my XM satellite into the system and I'm good to go anywhere with great sound. Click the photo to be taken to the S/M Electro - Tech, Inc. web page that shows the conversion process.


I actually need two of these aluminum radiators with dual thermostatically controlled electric cooling fans and provisions for transmission cooler. The first one would go in my 1965 Buick Special Wagon and the second in my 1968 Buick Skylark "GSX 455" Custom. It's based on the priority of need as the wagon doesn't have the A/C system charged and does not have a fan shroud.

With big block motors, air conditioning and the heat of the southwest desert, cooling is critical and 455 motors don't like to run cool. Throw in the occasional towing duty for the wagon and I need all the help I can get. Prices at TA Performance appear to be about $1,175 each. Ouch!!! Buying direct from Ron Davis Racing Products may prove more reasonable, but we'll see when the time comes.

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