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Arthur and the Dogs .... mostly the Dogs!

"A Work In Progress"
This would describe both myself and this web site. Suffice it to say I have more to share and more to say about my kids (Basset Hounds), hobbies and politics than I do myself.

Finally made it to the half century mark August 10, 2010!

"What do you want?"
Just a little bit of Attitude


Brandi was adopted from the Animal Foundation (Lied Animal Shelter) here in Las Vegas May 16, 2002. She is definitely the "Alfa" female and may have a bit of cat in her! She'll also let you know when it's time for breakfast and dinner.

Trimming a neighbors palm trees.


Here's a list of some of my favorite things to do:

  • Working on my classic vehicles.
  • Maintaining the landscaping around the house.
  • Watching Discovery HD, National Geographic, Speed, Versus & Fox.
  • Working on my computer.
  • Going on road trips.
  • It's a simple life!

Wish List:

Health, peace of mind, financial stability, Harley Davidson full dresser, long driving vacations and work I have a passion for and find rewarding. 

Las Vegas Basset Rescue
Click here to consider a Basset Hound Adoption

My "Little Man"
Say no to these eyes...I dare you!


I rescued Chip from Las Vegas Basset Rescue, November 3, 2002. He was under weight and infested with parasites and worms. At almost two years old, he still looked like a puppy with ears that were too long. These days he's just a little nut and a real lover!

The "Big Guy"

In Memoriam
March 1, 2009

Theo came into my life December of 2001 just a couple of months before I said goodbye to my first Basset Hound, Raquel, in February 2002.

I often referred to Theo as a big Lump of Love. His favorite past time was to sit in my lap, all 45 pounds of him and lick my face incessantly. Every now and then, I had to stop him but more often than not, I let him kiss me all he wanted. I always felt he was giving me all the love he could because somehow I believed deep down I would lose him too soon. As it has turned out, it didn't matter when I said goodbye to him, it was still too soon. It's always too soon to say goodbye to a pet you love.

Theo came to me from the Nevada SPCA in December 2001. The thought at the time was that Theo could stimulate Raquel and maybe she would hold on longer. Additionally I would have Theo to love me when I lost Raquel and did I ever need him.


In Memoriam
February 2002
1987 - 2002

Shivering, abandoned and all alone
I found a puppy and brought her home
Warm and loved and feeling swell
I named my blessing ... Raquel

We shared laughter, love and tears
We were blessed for sixteen years
Through every challenge along the way
We waked together from day to day

We both grew older, we both grew gray
And now Raquel has slipped away
I have a heart so filled with love
I know it was touched by the Lord above.

"He's" given me much to ease pain and strife
A wealth of love to enrich my life
"He" blesses me with gifts so well
That's why he gave me a friend named Raquel

She brought me comfort and gave me love
She was a gift ... from the Lord above
I always knew one day she'd depart
But that forever she'd live on in my heart

To home she will go in peace and in love
And look down as she scampers in the heavens above
No more struggle or pain or fight left to give
Forever in peace and in love she will live

Running and playing and happy she'll be
Blowing kisses from heaven as she looks after me
I once had a puppy a Basset named Raquel
But now the Lord has her and I know she'll do well

With others I've loved she'll play pain free
Chasing Angels and rabbits through eternity
I know that we'll find each other again
Cause that's how it is in heaven with friends


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