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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rally Report: Tea Party Express III - Just Vote Them Out
Here is my Tea Party Express III - Just Vote Them Out rally report from Saturday, March 27, 2010. This was the fist event on this years tour and was dubbed Showdown in Searchlight with featured speaker Governor Sarah Palin. After spending quite a bit of time Friday making my sign, I was up early and ready for the drive to Searchlight, NV.  

I left the house at 8:30 AM and hit the traffic backup trying to get to the Searchlight venue about 9:30-10 AM. I stayed in traffic minding my P's and Q's for another hour before deciding to flip a U-turn. I ended up parking my car on the side of the highway pointed back toward Las Vegas so I knew I could get out when the event was over. I then hiked about a mile up the highway and into the desert to the event area.

Once there I was able to weasel my way into the main section of the crowd. I took a short excursion before Gov. Sarah Palin arrived to get some overview photos of the event. You can see me and my sign on at least three clips at CNN.com. First in this report on the event, my sign is the first thing you see blocking the camera when Gov. Sarah Palin is introduced, and you'll see me and my sign at the beginning and end in this clip. Finally, this clip features a more comprehensive report on the event and I'm visible right at the beginning of it and a couple of more times throughout. The wind was blowing so bad that about an hour and a half into the rally, the upper section of my sign pole snapped leaving me with a short handle.

I then drove to the Henderson Pavilion for a speech by Ann Coulter which was great. Grass Roots Nevada organized her appearance and did not allow any media inside the venue for her speech. That allowed Ann to speak her mind and let it all hang out, which she did. Nothing politically correct which is what I love about her. Too bad Canadians and the left don't have the same respect for freedom of speech. You can read Ann's comments on the intimidation that took place at the University of Ottawa here.

At this point it was time for the Henderson appearance of the Tea Party Express, but the busses were late being held up in traffic. It was not until 6:30 PM by the time the Tea Party Express busses made it to the Pavilion. I finally left around 8:30 PM.

When you view the videos and photos, keep in mind how the pathetic "impartial" mainstream media has tried to brand the Tea Party movement as radicals (which would include me I guess) "looking to incite violence." Ironically the only disturbance all day at both rallies which was not reported by the media, local or national was Senator Harry Reid supporters in Searchlight, NV hitting the Tea Party Express busses with eggs. The Reid supporter in possession of the eggs has since been identified as Jesse Walker, union member of IBEW Local 357 in Las Vegas. Of course had a Tea Party participant assaulted a Senator Reid supporter, it would have been network news for days. The hypocrisy is stunning and unfortunately typical of what passes for the third estate media these days.

The bottom line is the Tea Party is not a political party. The Tea Party movement is many different gatherings of people with various political affiliations that share some common beliefs;  Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, Rule of Law, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility and National Sovereignty. Toward that end, because our government is not working for the people but for it's self, and continues to waste our tax dollars on irresponsible spending, earmarks and entitlements to preserve their jobs, it is time for voters to impose term limits by voting them all out, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Do your part as an American citizen to know what your political candidates stand for and be sure to vote this year and again in 2012 and 2014 until all House and Senate members have been replaced.

Sincerely, Arthur

Custom made Tea Party rally sign. Heck, CNN got the back of me and my sign on National TV.

It also helps to get on TV if your standing in front of the media stage and you have a long extension pole!

Traffic jam two hours before Tea Party Express event outside Searchlight, NV

Traffic jam two hours before Tea Party Express event looking behind me backed up 3-wide for as far as you could see.

How sky writing is done these days. Five individual planes with computers puffing out dots like an old dot matrix printer.

Photo of Tea Party rally from up on a hill. You can see some of the traffic on the highway in the distance.

Governor Sarah Palin on stage right at the bottom of the speaker crane boom.

One third of the media riser behind where I was standing.

Another third of the media riser.

Aerial photo of the main crowd area. Police estimates were 8,000 people. Other estimates were over 10,000.
Access to the event hurt attendance, but I did not hear anyone complaining. A good time was had by all.

This is the traffic backup heading to the event an hour and a half after it started.

Standing in line again to get into the Henderson Pavilion for Ann Coulter's speech.

Ann Coulter on stage at the Henderson Pavilion.

Tea_Party_Rally/Tea_Party_3-27-2010_026a.JPGHenderson Tea Party event and Hanna Giles, 21 year old citizen journalist who played "prostitute" in ACORN investigation.

Just me and what's left of my sign.
1:39 pm pdt

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