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Following are correct Factory Radio examples from 1960-1977. This is a work in progress so if you have additional information to contribute or better photos, please email me.

1960-1963 GMC Delco AM Radio
The first generation 1960 GMC radio is a 12-volt tube type, AM frequency with three wires. One power wire runs from a switched power source at the fuse box, the radio case is grounded by the mounting brackets and two wires ran to a 4x10" Slimline Oval 8-10 ohm speaker mounted under the center dash top.

1964-1966 GMC Delco AM Radio
The years of 1964-1966 was the last time General Motors differentiated GMC radios from Chevrolet on the faceplate's. Although identical in design and function, both GMC and Chevrolet radios were badged with their brand names. GMC radios also continued to feature solid black knobs while Chevrolet radios got black with chrome accent knobs. 
1967-1972 GM Delco AM Radio
Beginning with the 1967 model year, General Motors dropped the division branding of their radios. Although common radios were still identical across GM divisions, no longer were they badged as GMC or Chevrolet. Radios simply became "GM" or "Delco."

1973-1977 GM Delco AM Radio - Van

The 1960-1961 GMC Trucks feature Grey knobs including the radio, ashtray, heater controls, headlight, windshield wipers, carburetor choke, vent door, window cranks, turn signal and column shift levers.
Tube type radios ran from 1960-62. In 1963, the radios changed to transistor resulting in smaller cases. Even though the radio face looks the same as 1960-62, they use the same type of one piece, 3-wire plug as the 1964 and up radios making 1963 unique.


All 1964-1966 GMC radios were transistor type featuring even slimmer radio cases in comparison to the previous generation.


This was the first generation of truck radios to feature preset pushbutton radio station selection, sometimes referred to as "wonder-bar" radios.

1973-1977 GM Delco AM Radio - Truck

1962-1963 radios changed over to Black knobs as were the remainder of controls in the cab. For strict originality, disregard the color of the ashtray and heater control knobs in this picture representing 1963 model year radios.

AM Manual Tune Radio part/model/product numbers:

1960 2233850  1961 2233944
1962 2233894  1963 2234003

AM manual tune radio part/model/product numbers:

1964 2234040
1965 7291556
1966 7293806


AM pushbutton radio part/model/product numbers:
1967 7298501
1968-1972 7305841

AM/FM pushbutton radio part/model/product numbers:
1971 7314291
(first year available, but will fit 67-72)
1972 7936721

1973-1977 GM Delco AM/FM Radio

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